April 20, 2022

Telling Your Story - Overcome Obstacles - GOYA - Michael Harris

Telling Your Story - Overcome Obstacles - GOYA - Michael Harris

Michael is “passionately diverse” and has compelling stories about everything from his first entrepreneurial venture at six years old, surviving a near fatal water skiing accident and how nature shows us how to take a quantum leap in any area we want. 

 Author of the #1 bestselling book, “Falling Down Getting UP”, foreword by the father of Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson.  Jay called Michael’s ability to survive through thick and thin a true example of using guerrilla type tactics to overcome virtually anything.
 Also contributing author with Rick Frishman & Wendy Lipton-Dibner  of the #1 bestselling book. “Experts Success Solutions.”  This book is a compilation of multiple tips and techniques that anyone can apply in their life.
 One of Michael’s many passions is to help as many people as possible get their message, story and voice out to the world.

Anytime you get two Michaels together you know it is going to be awesome! We discuss Michaels story of overcoming adversaries and achieving his mission of helping others step forward. Michael shares why telling your story is so important, how to be a great entrepreneur and what does GOYA mean? His book Falling Down Getting Up  tells the story of pure motivation and how to get back up.