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Fun and informative

This show covers a broad variety of topics, but they are presented in a way that is understandable and fun.

Excellent Podcast and Excellent Guests!

I love the guests that Michael compiles! He makes technical conversations accessible to any listener - an excellent podcast! Must listen!

Powerful interviews

Hello from Kitcaster!! đź‘‹

Personable host who brings his own take

Michael, is a great host who takes a personal interest in his guests and approaches their topics with enthusiasm. He is well prepared to ask great questions and share his own views on the subject. Highly informational and entertaining.

Highly Recommended

Michael is an amazing host. He is so eager to learn about new concepts. You will be benefitted to learn about various useful topics that will not only help you in your career, but also will grow you as a human. Highly recommended!

Filled with Gems

Michael is a great interviewer because he actually listens to his guests and asks intriguing follow-up questions. Can’t get enough of this podcast. Learn something new every time I listen.

Easy listen. Lots of good stuff.

Michael is so easy to listen to and his interview questions bring out the best in his guests. This is the podcast you can listen to in the morning when you’re getting ready and it’ll inspire you with ideas and motivation.

Genuine authenticity

With Michael Grace you get what you see. No pretense just good natured smart and caring. I can’t wait to see our episode appear so you can see how easy it is to be totally open and unashamed about lessons learned. Thank you Michael!

Great Conversations

Michael is an excellent host and the show lives up to its name. It’s a unicorn! I always appreciate a curious conversation that seeks to learn more than teach. All of the guests have something great to share and it’s nice to hear from different people with various experiences. This show is great for anyone looking for a tech show with an entertaining and personable approach.

The intersection of technology and business impact

Michael does a wonderful job focusing on technology as something more important than simply a tool to become more efficient. He sees clearly the potential positive impact technology has on employees, customers, and communities. It is refreshing to see how he blends technology into culture and many others aspects of business.

A unicorn of a podcast!

Rarely do you find a show that is so informative, well-rounded, and engaging.

Great Show

Love the conversations Michael has

Super interesting

Love the varied topics and interesting guests. Definitely recommend!

Love this show

Great guests and interesting conversations

Love the topics

Michael has a great range guests on! Love the interviews

Talented Host, Great Questions, Interesting Conversations

Michael asks insightful questions and facilitates powerful conversations with his guests that have the ability to transform people’s perspective and lives.

Love This Podcast Series

In about 23 minutes each the Unicorn moves through great topics in an engaging fashion. How do I know, because I am that unicorn. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see, let me know.