July 22, 2022

Isometric Exercise Can Lower Your Blood Pressure With CEO Of Zona Health Mark Young

Isometric Exercise Can Lower Your Blood Pressure With CEO Of Zona Health Mark Young

Mark young has a résumé steeped in business startups and entrepreneurial ventures, Mark Young joined the Zona Health team in 2016 with a single purpose: to make the Zona Plus a household name. To say that Young’s background is diverse would be an understatement, but “one consistent thread ties it all together,” he would say, “and that is a passion for education … delivering practical solutions in a way that invites people in.” And, at Zona Health, education is the key to engagement. Although Young’s credentials are impressive on their own (holding a variety of graduate degrees), he says that it is experience that matters most. Credited for the launch of previous tech startups, Young is no stranger to the world of compliance, marketing, and scalable growth.

The Zona Plus – The Blood Pressure Biohack

The Zona Plus continues to be the biohacker’s choice for full-body cardiovascular conditioning. The Zona Plus uses the proven science of isometric therapy to lower blood pressure and increase nitric oxide throughout the body – naturally.

Using the science of isometrics, the Zona Plus combines hand grip exercise with a series of algorithms to trigger the body’s parasympathetic response, responsible for such functions as heart rate and blood pressure. It is the ultimate biohack with a systemic benefit.

I am amazed to learn of the science behind his healthcare tool to lower blood pressure without pills! Mark and Michael discuss the science, why insurance companies are slow to adapt and reimburse, etc.

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