Feb. 25, 2022

Author - Everyday Lessons Every Day - David McBee

Author - Everyday Lessons Every Day - David McBee

David McBee is an author, trainer and professional speaker. He works with sales representatives and business owners around the world teaching and creating curriculum about the intricacies of internet marketing. Considered an expert in his field, David is known for his passion, sense of humor and talent for making the complicated simple. 

Born and raised in the suburbs of Kansas City, this Eagle Scout earned a BFA in Theater from Avila University and spent his twenties as a salesperson and entrepreneur. Though David found success in both, he preferred the personal development side of business and switched his focus to training. Helping others become their best selves is what led him to write Everyday Lessons Every Day. David’s humble hope is to enhance his readers’ lives emotionally and spiritually with this honest look into his journey to grateful.

 Michael and David are like old buddies chatting about stress, anxiety and how to deal. David shares his journey and the lessons learned. His books for children address real world anxiety children face. David simply is a human trying to help other humans.