What is Blockchain, Web3 and Polka Dot Queries? Find out with James Bayly Head of Biz Dev - SubQuery

James is the Head of Business Development at SubQuery, a data as a service platform that speeds up querying and extracting blockchain data so anyone can take the data off-chain and build Web3 applications of the future.

Since its launch in 2021, SubQuery has raised $10.8M, and the platform is serving millions of Polkadot data queries daily.

James is also the Head of Business Development at OnFinality, a SaaS platform that supports blockchain teams worldwide by providing critical infrastructure so they can focus on building the next dApp. OnFinality’s API service receives 700M+ daily API requests from blockchain developers.

James takes the complex technical worlds of data, security, blockchain and Web3 and de-mystifies them! It was a pleasure speaking with James about how all this technology is moving the world of internet forward.