Technology Empowering Entrepreneurs To Build Community - AI Assisted Socials Posting With Arjun Rai

Arjun Rai is a serial entrepreneur, and Founder of, a smart marketing dashboard. He holds fast in his mantra that every small business and entrepreneur should have an unfair advantage that allows them to compete with the unlimited marketing budgets of their corporate competitors. With HelloWoofy, he’s used his skills to create a seamless, innovative, and efficient digital marketing experience that leverages the power of visualized data science and artificial intelligence—boasting more than 10,000 members and having raised more than $1.3 million in VC and crowdsourced funding.

Arjun is on the forefront of the digital landscape and has been networking with some of the most influential entrepreneurs in the country since high school. His drive for helping the underdog began just a few weeks into his enrollment at the New York Institute of Technology with the startup fuelbrite, a social media agency specializing in supporting small businesses and startups. He has since been part of numerous ventures, collaborating with the creation of HelloWoofy.

Arjun lives in New York City along with his dog Snoopy. Day-to-day, you can find him working from home, practicing carpentry, or zooming around the city on his e-scooter.