Natural Language Processing Changing The Film Industry With CTO of Filmustage, Ruslan Khamidullin

Ruslan is the Chief Technology Officer of Filmustage, a technology company that is streamlining the film production process using neural network technology.

With 10 years of development experience, Ruslan has been able to develop the Filmustage technology to automate the script breakdown process, a painstaking task that is necessary in the production industry.

Also a lifelong musician, Ruslan is well-versed in sound design. He would be happy to discuss Filmustage in context of the changes currently happening in the global film industry! DISCOUNT CODE: TECHPROUNICORN30 for 30% off!

Michael and Ruslan have a great discussion about the power of NLP and how it is saving the Film industry time and thus money. Ruslan shares some of the current developments in this episode that are revolutionizing an industry that hasn't seen much innovation since Pixar.