Machine Learning - Use Machine Learning In Your Business Now - Nyckel Co-Founder - Oscar Beijbom

With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Oscar is the Co-Founder of Nyckel, a no-code platform that allows developers with no machine learning experience to quickly develop and integrate ML functionality into their applications.

In January 2022, Nyckel was one of the 414 startups selected out of 17,000 applications from founders around the world to be part of the Y Combinator Winter 2022 batch.

Oscar is also the Senior Director of Machine Learning at Motional, a leading autonomous vehicle company. At the company, he works on ML products, research, and platform for their fleet of vehicles.

Before joining Motional, Oscar was the lead developer at Hövding where he helped develop the AI for the world's first airbag bicycle helmet. He also developed CoralNet, the largest AI platform for coral reef image analysis.

Michael and Oscar break down what is the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence. How do you use machine learning in your business today? Why is machine learning so consumable but yet folks don't know about it - get educated today.

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