J E D I Leadership Servant Leadership How to Manage Great Resignation Omar L Harris

Omar is a former pharmaceutical General Manager (GSK, Allergan), Intent Consulting and Tympo.io founder, motivational speaker, and bestselling author, with over 20 years’ experience building high performance organizations on 4 continents. Having managed multibillion dollar brands and led extensive organizations while working in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and the US, he innovated blueprints for J.E.D.I. Leadership (leading with justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion) and servant leadership and 20 Team Performance Acceleration Principles (TPAPs) that can be applied by leaders at all levels of professional experience.


Michael and Omar discuss J.E.D.I. Leadership and why NOW is the time to move to this. Leadership in general is the primary topic of this episode with Omar sharing tips and advice from his other best selling books as well.

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