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Matthew is a product development and Instagram marketing expert from British Columbia.

Last year he and his wife founded Hashtag Slayer — the struggle-free Instagram hashtag tool to help you research and optimize your hashtags for maximum reach and engagement. Since then, they've helped thousands of online business owners take the confusion out of Instagram hashtags so they can reach their goals.

Matthew's a full-stack web designer and developer who’s been making websites since he could still count his age on his fingers. Working in design, development, and marketing, he’s helped countless businesses grow their revenue online. He holds a Bachelor’s in Communication Design from Emily Carr University. Having previously grown the Instagram account for his collaborative artist’s community (@paneljam) he knows all too well the difficulty that comes with managing social media as a solopreneur — so he loves a chance to make things easier.

Michael and Matthew clarify the importance of # in getting your content found and boosting your business. What are the strategies to ensure your posts on social media get found? How do I know what # hashtags to use? It is all made easy with Hashtag Slayer.