Importance of eCommerce Breaking Past The Fear Female Entrepreneur Axismeta Tanaha Hairston

Tanaha Hairston is the Founder of Axismeta. She’s a successful Tech Investor and business strategist who specializes in methods and tools to increase business valuation and lead generation.

Over the span of 15 years as a serial entrepreneur, Tanaha has started and sold multiple businesses in various industries including SaaS software, eLearning, and consumer products.

Tanaha helps investors and business owners to reduce the risk of failure and be consistently profitable while doubling the bottom line, without additional hiring.

Her proven strategies include incorporating a comprehensive digital strategy based on customer journey eCommerce principles, strategic acquisitions, AI, and SOPs, all with the focus on communicating to convert.

Michael and Tanaha have a great discussion about the importance of eCommerce in your business, why the right agency can help you evolve, how to have a strategy, what is a digital strategy. Tanaha shares her entrepreneurial journey and what led her to success.