How To Leverage Your Data In Real Time With Robert Cooke, Founder and CTO of 3Forge

Robert is the Founder and CTO of 3Forge, a tech company that works with IoT applications to provide data aggregation and modeling solutions. 3Forge is currently utilized by one of the world’s largest crypto platforms as well as ranking #1 in data management for financial institutions. In addition, 3Forge is currently used by 3 of the world’s 5 largest banks. With nearly two decades of experience in IT, Robert has a wealth of knowledge across the industry and would love to chat about:

Why companies do not need to be spending 70% of their tech budget on maintaining legacy software

How firms can address annual IT increases and what can be done to bend the curve

How companies are using IoT to gather some of their most valuable data

How will data become more of an asset than a liability?

Hardware is faster than ever, how come my applications are not?

How crypto platforms are using data management to prevent outages and stay available for trading