How to Choose Insurance Medicare Choices Why You Should Still Talk To An Independent Agent Tom

After a long career as an engineer and project manager in Corporate America (Telecom, Medical Device), Tom is now an Entrepreneur in the financial/insurance industry. Tom Basey, is the owner of Basey Insurance. He helps people and small businesses find cost-effective health insurance options and employee benefits. It’s his pleasure to serve customers in the DFW area and across the state of Texas, whether in person or online.

What’s more important than health? Health insurance may not be the most important thing out there, but it’s up there.

He works with major health insurance companies and healthcare providers to provide insurance options to individuals and small businesses. Because he work with many major carriers, he is able to tailor solutions in terms of both features and costs—finding the best solution for each client.

Michael and Tom talk about the confusing world of insurance - medicare specifically. Tom talks about how he helps seniors and others choose the right insurance. He makes this complex world very understandable and you can just sense that he cares.

He shares why even if you have benefits from your employer, you should speak with an independent broker to see if you have all the coverage you need.