How Can A Focus On User Experience Grow Your Business - Satyam Kantamneni, Chief Experience Officer

Satyam Kantamneni, Chief Experience Officer at UX Reactor, to suggest him as a potential guest expert for the Tech Pro Unicorn podcast. Satyam can offer your audience a deep dive into innovative user experience design and a profound discussion on why so many companies lose their edge as they move towards solutions over experience.

Prior to founding UXReactor, Satyam led various in-house design organizations such as Citrix and PayPal. He is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, Satyamrealized that most businesses aren’t leveraging the full power of User Experience (UX) Design as an engine for strategic growth. So, he resolved to change that. Through UXReactor, Satyamdemonstrated that UX can and should drive enterprise-wide innovation and business outcomes. UXReactor has enabled its clients-partners to generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue from user-centered innovation. Satyam is passionate about user-centered innovation and he is authoring a book titled User Experience Playbook: A Practical Playbook to Fuel Business Growth, which was released in April 2022.

Michael and Satyam explore how UX matters at scale and in very complex arenas like Healthcare or Government. How does one present complex data and information to such a wide variety of customers? Well Satyam shares his experience in working with some of the worlds top companies. Here how companies like Tesla and Apple are not car companies and tech companies but experience companies!