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Michael Boerner, Founder and CEO of Engage Technologies Group, Inc.

He has over 25 years of experience founding and leading technology & media companies and is an entrepreneur responsible for innovating a number of short-form, video-based enterprise technologies enabling data-driven video personalization & mass constituent engagement.

Michael’s clients have included: Johnson & Johnson, CVS, Ford, Samsung, UnitedHealthcare, DePuy, Covidien, UPMC, St. Luke’s Health System, K12, Blue Cross Blue Shield MN and the Ken Blanchard Companies, to name a few.

Michael and Michael explore the latest offering from Engage Technologies which transforms how patients get education prior to a procedure. The tool leverages text in a new way to make opting in to the education seamless. Leveraging the tool, the provider can ensure the patient has completed the education prior to the procedure, thus reducing cancellations and improving outcomes. The tool remains available for the patient and their care givers to reference throughout their journey to recovery. It is a stark change from today where a patient is given rushed and hurried instructions they often forget.

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