Gary Melling CEO AI Inc SD 480p

Gary is President and CEO of Acquired Insights Inc. A strategic Management Consulting and Systems Aggregation firm focusing on delivering applied Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Cyber Security, Humanoid Robotics, Chatbot and 3D Avatar business solutions resulting in immediate, measurable, and scalable value for our clients through better, real-time business decision support.

Michael and Gary discuss the Metaverse and the upcoming 3D avatars we will all have. What relevance do these have for companies? Gary reminds us about some security vulnerabilities that come with new technologies.

Michael and Gary discuss the latest in ERP technologies and topics such as Predictive Analytics, Unstructured Data and Cloud are broken down into digestible pieces. Gary does a great job of explaining all these and gives relevant examples of each.

If your a geek - this is your episode where we talk about the latest and greatest.

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