Fractional CFO's Empower Startup SaaS Companies For Success - Founder of SaaS Gurus Anthony Nitsos

Anthony Nitsos provides proven scaling strategies for SaaS CEOs and Founders with best-in-class finance and stakeholder “ecosystems” that always produce the right numbers, save cash, protect assets, and free CEOs and Founders to focus on what matters most–growth.

Anthony brings a unique mix of medical school training, Six Sigma Black Belt process expertise, and the financial skills of a CFO with two unicorn exits and numerous other start-ups to his credit to provide the world’s most sought-after resource for B2B SaaS company financial strategy and operations.

Michael and Anthony unpack the need for a CFO early in the startup process for SaaS companies and talk ERP setup. Why are process, tools and people important to consider in technology decisions? Find out in this episode.