FBA - Fulfilled By Amazon - Everything You Wanted To Know About Selling On Amazon - Travis Marziani

Travis Manziani has been in both the Shopify space and now has several successful products out on FBA. He is a thought leader with almost 400 videos on YouTube on the subject of selling on Amazon.

His product is different than most, in that it is a Passion product, something he really personally enjoys. Travis has a system to share how to develop your own passion product and get it sold on Amazon.

Having been in the space for well over 8 years Travis is one of the top mentors and coaches related to FBA. This "side hustle" could very easily replace your 9-5 grind.

Michael and Travis talk all about FBA - why a passion product is important - why a coach is valuable - and lots of tips and info.

Travis is available at: https://www.passionproductformula.com/