Customer Data Management Explained With Soumyadeb Mitra CEO and Founder of Rudderstack

Soumyadeb is the founder and CEO of RudderStack. He started RudderStack in 2019 and recently raised a $56 million Series B round led by Insight Partners, with support from previous investors Kleiner Perkins and S28 Capital.

RudderStack is Soumyadeb’s 3rd startup. He sold his previous startup, a B2B ad-tech platform called MarianaIQ, to 8×8 where he then spent a year building customer data pipelines.

While at 8×8, Soumyadeb’s challenges collecting and processing customer data at enterprise scale inspired him to start RudderStack. He’s now building RudderStack to address the pain points he became intimately familiar with at 8×8.

Michael and Soumyadeb have a great conversation about the importance of focusing your data efforts on customer data. Soumyadeb explains his efforts with some of the largest names in retail and other industries and how Rudderstack helps them be successful.

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