April 29, 2022

Helping Startups - Mobile App Development - Tappolio Media - Boon Chew

Helping Startups - Mobile App Development - Tappolio Media - Boon Chew

Boon Chew is the Founder of Tappollo Media, a leading mobile app studio, that creates apps that stand out from all the noise.

The company has built apps for Discovery Channel, iHeartRadio, WeWork, Timehop, and Walmart. 

Tappollo Media also created the open-source framework Booster, which startup founders can use to accelerate mobile app development for their businesses.

Before starting Tappollo Media, Boon worked as a software engineer and game developer at several leading tech companies, including Microsoft and Amazon. In 2019, Boon helped a founder launch Hiki, the world's first friendship and dating app for the Autism community.

Sometimes I am fortunate enough to meet with a founder who is not only out to start and business, but disrupt an industry. Boon is this type of person. Michael and Boon discuss mobile app development but his company also has a model that partners with startups and allows them to have a word class mobile application without a huge investment up front through a investment model - it is revolutionary and given some of Tappollo clients - very successful.