Nov. 4, 2021

Who Are Gamers?

Who Are Gamers?

Saw this over the weekend and thought – nailed it. Now translate this to engaged employees. What if your employees never gave up – always got the best result.

What if they were heroes and delivered amazingly service or performance to your customers. Wouldn’t you want heroes working for you?

You set goals with your employees, these folks really focus on accomplishing all set before them.

They take risks, because they believe there is a respawn. That drives imagination and creativity. Just have doers vs. innovators – this is why.

They believe they can be anything they need to be, so are constantly remaking themselves. I have taken gamers from an analyst role and make them programmers or architects they evolve.

They love the challenge that it get’s harder. Many employees whine for help or more staff and gamers just expect it to be hard and produce more.

Gamers know when to break and refresh. They hit pause when things don’t seem right. They break for family and other important tasks.

Gamers WILL have fun with whatever you through at them. Gamification of jobs is a huge opportunity to have fun and be more productive than you have ever had your workforce be.

Tech Pro Unicorn will be exploring this more. Meanwhile, start looking at your workforce, do you have gamers you aren’t correctly motivating?