March 21, 2022



It is the Monday after HIMSS 2022 in Orlando, Florida. Booths have been broken down, everyone has traveled home or is enjoying the vacation they tacked on to their travels. As we reflect back on the event that boasted attendance numbers ranging from 18,000 to 28,000, there were lots of things to be excited about. HIMSS did a great job ensuring everyone was either fully vaccinated or had been tested prior to attendance, and as such attendees generally went without masks. It was a vision back to pre-pandemic conferences.  


There was an obvious lack of “C” level attendance which I believe can be attributed to two things. First HIMSS21 was just in August, so many folks passed on this one. Secondly CHIME did a not really nice thing and planned their VIVE conference the week before in Miami. I’ll say it – knock it off, we are all working to make healthcare better and should team not directly compete. So many decision makers went to VIVE, some went to both. 


The folks that did attend reported great quality conversations vs. quantity of attendees just flying by. Many vendors were able to network, and we saw the beginnings or strengthening of partnerships and collaborations. Lots of vendors had great meetings with existing clients in the meeting center which was always busy. Personally I got to meet lots of new friends and hand out a ton of plush Unicorns – which were very popular. 


Technology took center stage with pretty amazing developments in all aspects of healthcare. In particular I was amazed by the headset capabilities put on by Novarad. You donned a headset and were able to overlay a CAT scan or MRI over the patient body part for a procedure. Like augmented reality it was pretty amazing. Additional advances in the area of hand wash compliance leveraging ultrasound were really cool too. The application could sense not that the person was just near a hand wash dispenser but that they got some and performed the motion for the requisite time before touching a patient. The tech was simply inspiring. 


Many of the same themes existed with EHR mini citites at the forefront. ERP was represented primarily by Infor and Workday. You saw the big names in healthcare like Phillips, GE and others showcasing their latest wares. If I had one wish, it would be that everyone teamed vs. competed. That there was a standard we all rallied around for interoperability and the focus was squarely on the patient experience.  


I walked miles up and down the showroom floor and in my humble opinion it was a great show. HIMSS23 will be in Chicago, IL on April 17-21. RPI Consultants will be there with an expanded booth and lots to talk about.